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A Dedicated Family

We’ve been creating delicious food together for many years

Henry's Sans Souci

Henry’s Sans Souci, located on Frying Pan Island in Sans Souci on the shores of Georgian Bay, offers a picturesque setting with views of the Parry Sound Sans Souci, featuring outdoor seating to allow patrons to enjoy the scenic beauty. The restaurant has a nautical themed decor to complement its waterfront location.

Given the emphasis on fresh fish, the menu at Henry’s Sans Souci showcases a variety of seafood options sourced from Georgian Bay and Lake Erie. Dishes include freshly caught fish, prepared in different styles such as grilled, baked, or pan-seared. 

To enhance the dining experience, Henry’s Sans Souci has a diverse menu that caters to various preferences, including options for those who may not be seafood enthusiasts. The ambiance is relaxed and welcoming, making it a popular spot for both locals and tourists looking for a taste of fresh, local cuisine in a beautiful waterfront setting.

Henry's ...

The story of Henry’s Sans Souci is one of perseverance, innovation, and a deep-rooted commitment to serve quality food and provide excellent customer service.

Our Story

Henry’s Sans Souci on Georgian Bay

Along the picturesque shores of Georgian Bay, Henry’s Sans Souci Fish Restaurant emerges as a beacon of culinary excellence, born from humble beginnings and propelled by a passion for fresh fish and community. The story of Henry’s Sans Souci is one of perseverance, innovation, and a deep-rooted commitment to serve quality food and provide excellent customer service.

It all began 48 years ago when Henry LePage, a local fisherman, with a love for cooking, started selling freshly caught fish from his modest boat docked at the Sans Souci marina. Henry’s dedication to providing the freshest fish caught the attention of locals and visitors alike. Word of mouth spread, and soon, Henry’s became a beloved destination for seafood enthusiasts craving the authentic flavors of Georgian Bay.

As Henry’s reputation grew, so did his ambition. With unwavering determination and a vision to create a unique dining experience, Henry transformed his humble property into a charming waterfront restaurant. Henry and his family sold the business to Paul and Joanne Elliott in 1995. Paul and his family ran the business for many years, growing the rustic charm of Henry’s Sans Souci Fish Restaurant. Paul and Joanne continued to develop the business and it’s world famous reputation. In 2018, Ted and Rachel Larocque purchased the business and started to add their own personal charm and improvements. Henry’s truly reflects the essence of its origins, evoking a sense of warmth and nostalgia for simpler times.

Today the menu is a celebration of the bay’s rich maritime heritage, featuring an array of freshly caught fish and seafood delicacies expertly prepared to highlight their natural flavors. From panfried or battered pickerel to succulent grilled cajun whitefish to family platters overflowing with fish. Every dish at Henry’s is a testament to the restaurant’s commitment to quality and authenticity.

Henry’s Sans Souci is more than just a place to enjoy exceptional seafood; it’s a cornerstone of the local community. Over the years, Henry’s Restaurants has developed meaningful relationships and connections within the local community and became known as a World Famous destination on Georgian Bay. An iconic destination only accessible by boat, or plane. A family destination for friends and family to create lasting friendships and memories. Whether it’s a casual lunch on the patio or a romantic dinner by the water’s edge, every visit to Henry’s is an experience to be savoured.

In April 2024, a second location, Henry’s Harbour, owned and operated by the Larocque Family is opening in the Parry Sound harbour, and will be offering the same menu and skilled expertise with modern enhancements.

As Henry’s Restaurants continues to grow, it remains a testament to the power of passion, perseverance, and the enduring spirit of family and community. From its humble beginnings, to its status as a beloved culinary destination, Henry’s legacy lives on, serving as a reminder that great things are possible for those who have a dream and work hard.